Etang Cache - Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp in Undisclosed (Haute Vienne, Limousin), France

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France flagEtang Cache

This private, 4.5 acre ancient water is about 250 years old and holds carp in excess of 40lbs. A mixture of original carp and stockies make up what is superb fishing.


Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp


Undisclosed (Haute Vienne, Limousin) , France. (Scroll down for map)


Booking in advance


Night fishing allowed


Drive and Survive, 1 week on Lake, up to 4 anglers: £190.00 per week per person

1 week on Lake, Pick up and drop off from Limoges Airport, equipment supplied: £250.00 per week per person


Steve and Dave, Undisclosed (Haute Vienne, Limousin) France.


0033 (0)555 786 362


0033 (0)676 557 923



Welcome to Etang Cache:

About us

We are Steve (the skinny one) and Dave (the fat bloke) and between us we have been carping for well over 50 years, which is actually a really frightening thought...

Our dream was to find an ancient lake in France with original carp, add to these with selected stockies, keep the features and snags and end up with a lake that we would want to fish. Four years later we have l’étang caché.

Now we would like to share our lake with you.

About Your Holiday

L’étang caché normally run weeks from Saturday to Saturday, we will take mid-week breaks if workable. You will need to book and pay for your return flight to and from Limoges Airport.

Both Flybe, and Ryanair, fly from the UK.

You should arrange your own holiday and travel insurance. For those of you who would like to be mobile, Avis supply discounted car hire for people who travel with Flybe.

About the water:

Ancient lake, new venue

Set in secluded woodland on the borders of the Dordogne and Haute-Vienne, l’étang caché is about an hours drive south of Limoges airport, or 9 hours drive from Boulogne/Calais. The area is famous for good food and wine and we have tried it all and will be happy to pass on our knowledge.

Getting here couldn’t be easier. Driving, the route south is easy, If you are flying, both Ryanair and Flybe depart from various airports in the UK and land at Limoges.

About the fish:

The fishing is superb with a good head of original and stocked, hard fighting mirrors and commons.

Reported to
NoSpeciesFromToAverageBest Bait (Categories)Best Bait (Brands)
1common28lbs 2oz28lbs 2oznaUnknown (1 capture).undisclosed (1 capture),

NOTE: Statistics and reports are based on captures added to the Fish Captures database realtive to publicity settings.

Ameneties / facilities:

Tackle, Bait and High Quality Boilies are available from us. We supply pellet and particle baits that have been prepared by us. If you run short of end tackle we can supply this. Food can be arranged. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

For those who fly, we supply

  • 3 Quality Carp rods, 3 Shimano Baitrunners with line
  • 1 2man bivvy per person,
  • 1 Cradle per swim
  • 1 Bed Chair, 1 Recliner Chair
  • 1 Unhooking Mat, 1 Landing Net
  • 1 Scales & Weigh Sling, 3 Fox Alarms & Hangers
  • 1 Pod or Bank Sticks
  • Rowing boat at lake

At our lake: Shower, Toilet, Kitchen and BBQ areas. Laundry service available. Shopping service available


  • All fish to be returned unharmed
  • No sacking of fish at any time
  • Carp to be moved in cradle only
  • No rods to be left unattended at any time or for any reason
  • Unhooking mats provided to be used at all times
  • No fixed leads, safety rigs only
  • No braided mainlines, no leadcore
  • Barbless or crushed barb hooks only on the lake
  • We supply Carpmed and Klinik to be used on fish when needed
  • Only pellet and particles prepared by us to be used
  • No litter, open fires or BBQs (except in BBQ area)
  • No swimming. Going in to land or to release a snagged fish is OK
  • We just ask you to be sensible, this will add to the enjoyment of all.


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