La Petite Martiniere - Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp in St Denis de Gastines (Mayenne, Pays de la Loire), France

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France flagLa Petite Martiniere

We are a small family run fishery in NW France with Carp to 40lbs, Crucians, Tench, Roach, Pike, Zander, Perch. Customers have exclusive use of lake and our fully equipped Log Cabin


Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp


53500 St Denis de Gastines 53500, France. (Scroll down for map)


Book in advance - night fishing allowed

  • Price per week for up to 3 persons €600. 
  • Food Package. Breakfast Baguette, Bacon, egg and Sausage. Evening meal, sweet, includes glass of wine or beer. â‚¬100 per week.
  • Home made cakes available on request.
  • Lunchtime snacks / feasts available on request.
  • Daily or per meal rates are available if required.

John Clift, 53500 St Denis de Gastines 53500, France.


0033(0) 243049664


0033(0) 604178995



Welcome to La Petite Martiniere:



We offer exclusive use of our venue for a maximum of 3 anglers to include the use of our cabin (see accommodation section for detail) the chance to catch excellent condition fish from our carefully managed lake whilst enjoying the exclusive use of the facilities provided. If you (or partner) don’t wish to spend all of your time fishing there is plenty to do and see in the area.

2010 sees the first year that the lake is available to the general public; previously it has been for the exclusive enjoyment of friends and family, the fish have been sourced and stocked with quality, rather than size or quantity as the deciding factor, although the Carp do go to 40lbs and Tench to 9lbs, along with size the stocking levels are generous to help with your catch rate, also the facilities have been built to a quality standard rather than price, so you will not be disappointed.

We live on site and are happy to help or offer advice, whether it is fishing related or not.

If there is any information you require and can’t find it by using the various tabs at top of the page, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll get back to you within 24hrs.

About Us

We are John & Pat (Mum & Dad) the proud owners and Nikki & Marc (Daughter & Son in Law) who run the fishery.
John has been a keen fisherman for close to 50 years (fishing was responsible for their first meeting over 40 years ago!), Pat is a more recent convert to doing it rather than putting up with others doing it, only becoming really keen after being seduced by the peace, tranquillity, enjoyment and excitement of catching and landing (she holds most of the lake records!!) our beautiful specimens here at La Petite Martiniere.

We moved here to France in 2007 after finding and falling in love with La Petite Martiniere, Nikki & Marc were so taken with the lifestyle that they decided to join us here and made the move in 2009. We all live on site and will always be available to offer help, advice and support if required.

We have worked to make the lake and facilities a venue that will appeal to and deliver a pleasant, relaxing, enjoyable and unforgettable holiday / break. Being a smaller lake than some others, we understand this will not appeal to the macho man Carper that needs to fire a large lead 100’s of metres (and still blank), indeed it is possible to place your bait in your chosen area without massive effort and you will also find it possible to enjoy a leisurely float session and still bank some fine specimens. We are ideally suited to a couple of anglers, husband / wife, or dad and lad etc. the peace and quiet with pleasant surroundings will ensure a completely relaxed break, with good fishing.


Situated in beautiful rural countryside La Petite Martiniere can be found in North West France in the Pays de la Loire, region 53 Mayenne, close to the borders of Brittany and Normandy. There is easy access from / to all the major ports via the excellent road network both toll or free (you choose), you’ll find the driving far more relaxed and pleasurable than the cut and thrust of the UK. Calais is a 5hr motorway journey, whilst the nearest port of Caen is less than a 2 hr trip with various others in between. With your booking confirmation we will include comprehensive directions including sat-nav codes to ensure a stress free journey to us.

The area surrounding us is agricultural, with cows, sheep and horses grazing in nearby fields, and in season crops of Maize, Barley etc. an interesting fact of our area is that there are more cows than people; we have no immediate neighbours, no noisy main road close by, the gently rolling landscape is perfect for walking or cycling with our local village only 2 kms away, there you will find 2 boulangeries, a small supermarket, 2 banks, a bar / restaurant, a bar / tabac, doctors, pharmacy, pizzeria and hairdressers.

The nearest town is Ernee (8kms.) which has large supermarkets, garages and a wide variety of other shops and services including a chocolate factory (with shop). Mayenne town is only 13Km boasting chateau, masses of shops and restaurants providing all you may need.

As with most French towns and villages they have weekly markets where you can find a variety of goods including locally grown produce. Further away (20 mins) you will find the city of Fougères home to the largest medieval castle in France, with the famous Mont St Michel, Normandy beaches etc. only a short distance further, or in the opposite direction Le Mans, Vitre, Saumur etc. are all within easy reach. There are many commune (public) lakes and rivers in the area the largest of which is the river Mayenne, there is the opportunity to fish any of these should you wish to, however you will be required to obtain licences and or permits, all of which will be available (at a cost) at the local tourist office or tackle shops and more often than not also in the bar tabac.


To check the up to date situation regarding bookings and availability it is always best to call us by phone. You can also email us at although please bear in mind that bookings can only be confirmed once a deposit has been received.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Booking at La Petite Martiniere

Please complete our online booking form with your details. We will contact you to confirm in due course.
Download printable booking form here
Download Lake rules here

About the water:

Before 2010 the lake had never been used as a commercial fishery, indeed it was originally constructed as an irrigation water source and source of food (they still eat Carp in France) for the then horticultural owners. It is a total of one and one half acres in size, with depths between 50cm and 180cm with the average depth around 140cm, we are privately owned and the lake is spring fed at three separate points, which under French law allows legal night fishing  with no permits being necessary. There are 5 swims 2 of which are platforms and 3 hard standing, with the opportunity to set up from the banks in other areas, there is space on 2 of the hard swims for a double bivvy and the other hard swim will house a single bivvy. 

You will find peace and tranquillity here as well as the opportunity to catch quality fish. Whilst you enjoy your fishing you will only be sharing it with the local wildlife, which include amongst many other, the resident red squirrel, Hares, Deer, Kingfisher and massive Buzzards that cruise effortlessly overhead on the warm thermals and of course the only near neighbours the cows.

About the fish:

In the winter of 2008 we stocked 13 Carp between 25 and 30lb, 20 Carp between 15 to 20lb, and 28 from 10 to 15lb, 12 Tench from 5 to 9lb, there are also Catfish to 30lb, a few Pike, Perch, Zander, Crucian Carp and Roach along with the Carp already in the water. In November 2009 we completed a partial drain down and netted the water to remove the bulk of smaller fish and most of the cats, at the same time we cleared tree roots and other possible snags from the margin areas. December 2009 saw a further stocking of 8 Carp between 29 to 40lbs and 15 between 10 to 15lbs. and to add to the variety 3 Sturgeon to 20lbs

Reported to
NoSpeciesFromToAverageBest Bait (Categories)Best Bait (Brands)
27Carp21lbs 7oz41lbs 7oz28lbs 13oz 4drFresh / frozen boilies (26 captures),
Sweetcorn (4 captures),
Carp pellet (2 captures),
Trout pellet (1 capture).
Mainline Cell (14 captures),
La Petite Martiniere (8 captures),
Mainline Active-8 (2 captures),
Marolles Baits BlueBerry (2 captures),
undisclosed (5 captures),
Mainline Grange CSL (1 capture),
La Petite Martiniere Aniseed / Mainline Cell (2 captures),
Mainline Fusion and Cell (2 captures),
Marolles Baits Shrimp & Crayfish (1 capture),
2Common Carp24lbs 5oz25lbs 6oz25lbs 14oz 8drFresh / frozen boilies (2 captures).Mainline Fusion and Cell (1 capture),
La Petite Martiniere Aniseed / Mainline Cell (1 capture),
1Grass Carp32lbs 8oz32lbs 8oznaUnknown (1 capture).undisclosed (1 capture),
6Mirror Carp22lbs 2oz41lbs 7oz29lbs 1oz 8drFresh / frozen boilies (4 captures),
Unknown (2 captures).
Mainline Cell (4 captures),
undisclosed (2 captures),
1Mirrror Carp30lbs 6oz30lbs 6oznaUnknown (1 capture).undisclosed (1 capture),
1Sturgeon7lbs 14oz7lbs 14oznaFresh / frozen boilies (1 capture).Mainline Cell (1 capture),
4Tench3lbs 2oz8lbs 0oz5lbs 3oz 12drFresh / frozen boilies (3 captures),
Sweetcorn (1 capture).
Mainline Cell (3 captures),
undisclosed (1 capture),

NOTE: Statistics and reports are based on captures added to the Fish Captures database realtive to publicity settings.

Best fishing conditions (according to the Fish Captures database) for La Petite Martiniere :

  • air temp
    22.6% (7 in 31) captures with a value show : 32°C (89.6°F) and the average overall is 20.3°C (68.54°F)
    20.3°C avg
  • water temp
    51.9% (14 in 27) captures with a value show : 21°C (69.8°F) and the average overall is 18.6°C (65.48°F)
    18.6°C avg
  • water depth
    88.9% (24 in 27) captures with a value show : 4ft (1.22m) and the average overall is 4ft (1.22m)
    4 ft avg
  • water clarity
    47.6% (20 in 42) captures with a value show : Low clarity (Some light penetration - visibility up to a foot) and the average overall is Low clarity
    Low clarity
  • wind speed
    % ( in ) captures with a value show : Beaufort 0 / calm / 0-1kph / 0-1mph. (Smoke rises vertically) and the average overall is Slight Breeze
  • wind dir
    Wind direction unknown or not applicable
  • weather
    38.1% (16 in 42) captures with a value show : Sunny (A lot of sunshine)
  • air pressure
    Air pressure unknown
  • moon phase
    33.3% (14 in 42) captures with a value show : Waxing Gibbous Moon
    Waxing Gibbous Moon

View more capture statistics (all captures in graph mode)

Ameneties / facilities:


The log cabin is purpose built, overlooking the lake only a few seconds walk to the bank, it has double glazed windows and doors, hot / cold water and 230 volt electrics, most power points are French standard but there is a double UK style 3 pin socket for your phone, battery chargers etc. there is a hydro massage shower, toilet, wash hand basin, fridge with freezer compartment (use of our bait freezer is offered), gas hob, microwave, kitchen sink, table and chairs, TV and DVD, double sofa bed, externally there is veranda with small table and chairs (for that evening glass of wine watching the sun set), a barbecue is available adjacent to the cabin.

We supply towels, tea towels, toilet roll, cutlery, plates, mugs, cooking utensils and washing up liquid, you will need to provide your own toiletries. Upon your arrival you will find a greeting pack consisting of tea bags, coffee, sugar, milk, beers and a bottle of wine. The cabin has its own access road with parking directly alongside.

There is a mountain bike for the exclusive use of our customers, which is supplied for your convenience to be used at your own risk.


Variety of flavours that work on our water.

Priced from €10 to €15 per kilo.
Dips € 8.00 per pot.
Pop ups € 6.50 per pot.

Pellets as fed year round to our fish. Available in a selection of sizes.

5kg € 10
25kg €45

Particle is all freshly prepared on site:

Maize € 2 per kilo
Barley € 3 per kilo
Hemp € 3 per kilo
€ 2 per kilo

Tackle Hire:

We offer a variety of end tackle packs for sale.

Complete 2 Rod set up inclusive of rods, reels, rod pod, alarms, weigh scales, Bivvy, Bed chair, Bivvy table, chair, please note does not include terminal tackle, sleeping bag or pillows € 100 per week.
Bait boat € 50 per week.


Lake Rules

  • No more than 3 rods per person.
  • No braided main line, reel line to be a minimum of 15lb.
  • Safety rigs only (no fixed leads) and no leadcore.
  • Barbless, micro or crushed barb hooks to be used, (preferably barbless).
  • No shelf life baits to be used as free feed, OK as hook bait only; quality fresh bait available on-site also the use of our bait freezer for your own frozen baits.
  • Only particle prepared by us or pre-packed jars/tins permitted.
  • Klinik or similar antiseptic to be used on all hook holds
  • Unhooking mats, landing nets and weigh slings supplied by us to be used, they are provided free.
  • No fires or BBQ's (except for the provided BBQ)
  • All litter to be removed from the lakeside, including cigarette butts, to the bins provided.
  • No rods to be left unattended.
  • Fish are not to be sacked under any circumstances.

Fish Welfare:

The following is for the safety and welfare of our fish stock, please follow these guidelines:

  • Be prepared to land a fish, have landing net, unhooking mat and weigh sling (wet) ready for use, along with a bucket of lake water, weighing scales and camera in easy reach.
  • Remove hook / rig from fishes mouth as soon as is practical and apply antiseptic.
  • Return fish safely to water (in sling) as quickly as possible.

When holding fish for photographs:

  • Always remove jewellery / wristwatches etc. before handling fish.
  • Support the fishes weight with both hands underneath the fish (we will advise if you’re unsure) and at all times keep fish above the unhooking mat.
  • Do not lean or rest the fish on its stomach.
  • Take care not to interfere with the gills or damage fins / scales.
  • Never stand when pictures are being taken or hold the fish high above the mat.
  • Do not over extend the fish towards the camera.
  • If fish struggles whilst raised, cradle it towards your body to prevent the fish falling, you may get messy but it will prevent fatal injury.
  • Always use the provided weigh sling to return the fish to the water.

La Petite Martiniere: General Rules:

  • Cabin, swims and general areas must be left in a clean and tidy condition (as they are provided to you).  Please advise us of any defects or breakages as soon as possible.
  • Cabin is strictly a no smoking area if you do smoke please use the receptacles provided for disposal of butts etc.
  • Please do not arrive before 2p.m. and we request that you are away from the lakeside by 10a.m. on day of departure.
  • No cutting or damage to the banks or vegetation, if you have a problem discuss it with us and we’ll resolve the problem.
  • Please remember that whilst this is your holiday the premises are our home and we will ask you to adopt a sensible dress code and will expect you to treat La Petite Martiniere with respect and care.

Please Note: Clients are NOT covered by the lake owners' insurance, and are STRONGLY advised to obtain comprehensive travel and personal liability insurance for their stay in France, don’t forget your EHIC. (E28 European Medical card) available with guidance at without it you will have to pay for any hospital, medical treatment or ambulances should you need them.

If you neglect to abide by these rules we reserve the right to ask you to leave the premises and you will not be eligible for any monetary refund!

By completing the booking form you and other members of your party accept and agree to abide by the above terms and conditions.


We aim to run a fishery that attracts visitors who enjoy the environment and appreciate the peace, quiet and tranquillity found here. Therefore, excessive drinking, noisy and rowdy behaviour will not be tolerated.


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