Les Burons Carp Fishing - Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp / Catfish in St Berthevin (Mayenne, Pays de la Loire), France

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France flagLes Burons Carp Fishing

Situated within easy driving distance of Caen,Le Harve and Calais ferry ports. Les Burons boasts nine acres of blissful peace and tranquility, the ideal surroundings for your fishing.


Fishing Venue - Coarse / Carp / Catfish


St Berthevin La Tanniere 53220, France. (Scroll down for map)


Bookings in advance.


Night fishing is allowed.


The cost for the lake for 1 week, up to 4 anglers lake exclusive is £900.

this includes a lakeside cabin with bedchair and the use of the mobile home.


Robin & Linda Parrish, St Berthevin La Tanniere 53220, France.


00 33 243052683


00 33 243052683


0033 663889518





Welcome to Les Burons Carp Fishing:


We are Robin and Linda, the proud proprietors of Les Burons.

Les Burons boasts nine acres of blissful peace and tranquility, the ideal surroundings for your fishing.

About the water:

The lake was introduced to the property in 1938 and boasts an area in excess of 4 acres, ranging in depth from approximately 3 feet at one end up to 9 feet at the other.

The water is constantly stream fed at the southern end, with a regulated water gate outlet at the northern end. There are two small islands to the west side of the lake, these are both for the exclusive use of the wildlife. Two small boats are available to facilitate the un-snagging of lines and tackle.

About the fish:

we have arround 160 carp from 20lb to 45lb including other species like pike, tench, sturgeon, roach & rudd 

record catch is 45lb mirror in 2006 , record catch in 2008 40lb common and 44 lb mirror

Reported to www.fishcaptures.com:
NoSpeciesFromToAverageBest Bait (Categories)Best Bait (Brands)
1carp24lbs 8oz45lbs 5oznaUnknown (3 captures).undisclosed (3 captures),
3Common Carp24lbs 8oz27lbs 8oz26lbs 9oz 11drFresh / frozen boilies (3 captures).Mainline Fusion (2 captures),
Nutrabaits Trigga (1 capture),
9Mirror Carp25lbs 2oz45lbs 5oz31lbs 14oz 14drFresh / frozen boilies (6 captures),
Unknown (2 captures),
Maize (yellow) (1 capture).
Mainline Fusion (5 captures),
undisclosed (2 captures),
Nutrabaits Trigga (1 capture),
maise from aa baits (1 capture),

NOTE: Statistics and reports are based on captures added to the Fish Captures database realtive to publicity settings.

Best fishing conditions (according to the Fish Captures database) for Les Burons Carp Fishing :

  • air temp
    22.2% (2 in 9) captures with a value show : 10°C (50°F) and the average overall is 11.7°C (53.06°F)
    11.7°C avg
  • water temp
    Water temperature unknown
  • water depth
    50% (5 in 10) captures with a value show : 3ft (0.91m) and the average overall is 2.9ft (0.88m)
    2.9 ft avg
  • water clarity
    46.2% (6 in 13) captures with a value show : Low clarity (Some light penetration - visibility up to a foot) and the average overall is Low clarity
    Low clarity
  • wind speed
    60% (6 in 13) captures with a value show : Beaufort 3 / 10 knots / 12-19kph / 8-12mph. (Leaves and twigs in constant motion; wind extends light flags) and the average overall is Gentle Breeze
    Gentle Breeze
  • wind dir
    53.8% (7 in 13) captures with a value show : Wind direction: blowing from South West
  • weather
    38.5% (5 in 13) captures with a value show : Clear sky (night) (Stars can be seen, temperature often drops)
    Clear sky (night)
  • air pressure
    Air pressure unknown
  • moon phase
    38.5% (5 in 13) captures with a value show : Waning Crescent Moon
    Waning Crescent Moon

View more capture statistics (all captures in graph mode)

Ameneties / facilities:

A fully equipped 4 berth mobile home, consisting dining/lounge area, one large bedroom with double bed, one smaller bedroom with two single beds, bathroom, including shower and w/c.

There is also a furnished patio area.

Water, gas and electricity are all included however, you are requested to supply your own towels and washing itemsThe kitchen is a galley style arrangement with a full cooker and fridge, including a small ice-box. All crockery and cutlery items are supplied along with a full range of cooking utensils.

We would ask that you supply your own tea towels.

The mobile home is situated adjacent to the main house, separated for your privacy by a conifer hedge, with access point for convenience and includes exclusive car parking.

The location is afforded a relaxing view of the lake and the surrounding woodlands, which are also home to our friendly ducks, geese and a wide variety of wildlife


  • Each angler must be in possession of a 42 inch minimum landing net(suitable landing nets can be hired from us, DEPOSIT REQUIRED).A large padded unhooking mat(mats can be hired from us, DEPOSIT REQUIRED).NETS UNDER 42" & TINY WAFER THIN MATS ARE BANNED,THIS IS FOR THE HEALTH & SAFETY OF OUR CARP. All nets & mats to be dipped in our antiseptic (?) tanks on arrival.
  • Reel line to be a minimum of 15lb
  • No braided mainlines,leadcore or any kind of shock/snag leader
  • No fixed leads
  • Barbless hooks or microbarb only, no bent hooks.
  • No rods to be left unattended (sods law it’ll rip off when your away!)
  • No fish to be sacked under any circumstances.
  • Fish to be returned as quickly as possible, whilst on mat keep the fish wet (bucket in every swim), Always hold fish over mat, DO NOT STAND UP WITH FISH!!
  • Antiseptic e.g. (Klin-ic Tamodine)  or Bonjela are compulsory
  • The boat is only to be used to free snagged fish.
  • No nuts, seeds or pulses to be used other than hemp and sweetcorn
  • No shelf life boiled baits
  • 3 rods per angler


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